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CEO Letter

Welcome to Xref

In our short life as an ASX-listed company, we have established a strong reputation as a high-growth business leveraged to the global human resources technology market. 

Our cloud-based technology platform is unique in the world. We have transformed the process of checking candidate references, saving clients considerable time and money. 

Xref has more than 300 clients and we operate thoughout the Asia Pacific, European and North American regions. 

Xref is on a dynamic growth trajectory, propelled by a simple business model, widespread adoption of cloud-based talent systems and demand for specialised human resources services. Join us on our journey.

Lee-Martin Seymour, CEO / Co founder

Our Team

The Board

  • Lee-Martin Seymour

    CEO / Co Founder

    Lee-Martin Seymour is a co-founder of Xref. He has 17 years recruitment experience across many geographic and market sectors. For 12 years Lee worked for one of the world's largest specialist recruitment companies. As a result he understands the demands of the employment market and is passionate about pioneering positive change for the long term. As a serial entrepreneur Lee has identified and successfully leveraged market opportunities to aid innovation in the employment sector.

  • Timothy Griffiths

    CTO / CO Founder

    Timothy Griffiths is a co-founder of Xref. Mr Griffiths, an MBA-qualified technologist, has 20 years’ experience advising companies, including Virgin and SkyTV. He worked for Benchmark Capital providing technical diligence for high tech start-up investment and was co-founder of media company a2a plc, which floated on the UK stock market. More recently Tim was CIO for Jcurve Solutions, an Australian cloud NetSuite ERP provider.

  • Brad Rosser

    Non Exec Chairman

    Mr Rosser is a business builder and entrepreneur who worked for McKinsey and Co from 1992 to 1995 before working directly for Richard Branson as Director of Corporate Development for Virgin from 1995 to 1999, helping to identify and implement start-up businesses. He holds an MBA from Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the University of Western Australia.

  • Nigel Heap

    Non Exec Director

    Nigel is the UK Ireland Managing Director, and Chairman of the Asia Pacific business, of Hays plc, the leading global professional recruitment group, and a member of the groups management board. He joined Hays in 1988 and over the last 19 years has successfully led the growth of the Asia-Pacific business. He has completed INSEAD's Advanced Management Program and holds a Bachelor of Laws from Manchester University.

  • Timothy Mahony

    Non Exec Director

    Timothy Mahony spent 16 years in investment banking, specialising in capital markets and debt trading. Tim has been involved, as investor or founder, in a number of technology start ups, either successfully exiting the business or growing the business to a mature growth phase. He is a founder and director of Globalx Information, a digital information company providing information, software and services to the legal, corporate and spatial markets throughout Australia and the UK.


Xref is a fantastic solution for a busy in-house recruitment team. We have been very pleased with the efficiency Xref have brought to our reference checking process. The time we save in the reference check process frees up time for our recruiters to focus on the value add areas.

Annika Wilson - Talent Acquisition Manager, AECOM

The Westpac Group has partnered with Xref for over four years, enabling our recruitment team to collect candidates' reference checks in the most efficient and secure way possible. Most recently, we've successfully completed a full integration of Xref with our applicant tracking system, Oracle's Taleo Enterprise. Implementing Xref with Taleo will see a significant reduction in our team's average time taken to fill job vacancies, giving Westpac a competitive advantage in talent acquisition. At the same time it will ensure our recruitment process maintains the highest levels of compliance and governance.

Adam Buxton, Senior Manager Strategy and Practice, Westpac Group

We are now using xref with a number of RPO clients across the region and we are very happy with the results to date. We have found our turn around times are consistently under 36 hours and the depth of feedback on candidates from referees is excellent. Also, because the reference request is sent to the referee from the candidate, the response rates are very high at over 95%. Our recruiters love the tool because of the ease, efficiency and thoroughness with which it allows them to do this very critical task

Kimberley Hubble - Global Head of RPO, Hudson

Xref immediately understood our need to drive efficiency across recruitment. They delivered on-site training to our recruiters, set up a full production trial of the system and then provided us with a review that included detailed ROI analysis. The business case was simple, Xref saves time, saves money and helps protect our business. Our recruitment team love it - it's easy to use, they receive more detailed references and Xref gives them back their time to focus on finding great talent. Xref delivers long-overdue innovation to HR and recruitment.

Adam Buxton - Head of Recruitment, AMP

Xref has allowed us to structure and streamline the referencing process across all our retail stores. It's been a huge time saver for us and allows our Store Managers to focus on running their stores rather than collecting references. Xref is easy to use and it takes seconds to request references for a candidate. Not only this, Xref has added a layer of security to our reference process and we have been able to greatly reduce the risk of fraudulent hires at both store and head office level.

Anthony Dawson - Recruitment Manager, APG & Co

Our recruitment team loves using Xref. They have been really impressed by both the number of references that are returned in under 30 hours, as well as by the responses and insights that the questions provoke from the referees. Using Xref is definitely saving them time and is allowing them to focus on other tasks, secure in the knowledge that reference checking is being taken care of.

Jake Pickard - Head of Resourcing, Australian Super

Xref has saved our business a huge amount of time & resource in what is typically a heavy manual process.  By automating & centralising the referencing process within our HR & Recruitment team we have given our hiring managers their time back to focus on more strategic tasks.  The team are extremely happy with Xref.  To request a reference takes them seconds & typically we will receive detailed, honest, reference reports back from referees in under 30 hours.

Melanie J Allibon - Group Executive, Human Resources

Using Xref to collect pre-employment references frees up time for more strategic talent acquisition. Qantas has also been able to reduce the possibility of reference fraud, increasing security around the validity of referees. Most recently the Xref team provided the expertise required to integrate their platform with our Oracle Taleo applicant tracking system. Xref is now fully embedded into a seamless, end-to-end recruitment workflow allowing Qantas to minimise time-to-hire whilst ensuring consistency and governance across our hiring process.

Alex Colley, Talent Acquisition, Qantas Careers

Our in-house team has been using Xref for high volume roles, for just over a year and they love it.  It has allowed us to automate what has previously been a very manual process, reducing the time involved in hiring but allowing that time to be spent on improving upfront sourcing and selection initiatives.  As a hospitality and entertainment business, a large portion of the people we’re contacting are from businesses that, understandably, operate outside of ‘normal office hours’.  Using Xref sees us getting close to 50% of our references completed overnight making for a more efficient turn around at the final stage of employment. 

Amanda Tolley - Group Manager, Talent Acquisition and Development, Skycity

Our Partners

Xref and Verify have some mutual customers and will trial promoting each other’s services through integration of their platforms. Following satisfactory completion of the pilot program, Xref and Verify intend to enter into a longer-term integration agreement. The Xref platform will be branded "Powered by Xref" and integrated with the Verify platform, enabling Verify clients to take candidate references through Xref. Verify’s services will also be accessible from the Xref platform.

Verify/Xref Press Release - August 8, 2016

The collaboration between Expr3ss! and Xref gives customers access to a fully integrated predictive hiring technology and candidate referencing process, with tools to both pinpoint the right candidates for their culture and streamline the referencing process to protect against fraud and breaches in discrimination.

Expr3ss!/Xref Press Release - October 20, 2016

Xref Candidate Referencing for Oracle Talent Management Cloud is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Offering added value to customers, Xref enables prospective employers to automate their pre-employment reference checks on suitable candidates, reducing valuable time spent chasing reference feedback whilst adding additional compliance to the recruitment process.

Oracle/Xref Press Release - February, 15, 2016

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