The Risks of Archaic Recruitment Processes - HRPA Webinar Recap

Posted on 27 Jan 2017 by John Dawson

Last week, Xref Canada took part in HRPA’s Webinar, “Exposing the Risks of Archaic Recruitment Processes”. HRPA is a regulatory association that sets standards of learning, competence and conduct for its members to enhance the standing of the Human Resources profession.

HRPA also provides certifications - that are recognized worldwide - to HR professionals who are committed to career development. As an on-going learning companion, the live and on-demand webinars allow for convenient and low-cost platform of learning where thought leaders discuss a variety of topics and issues.

This live Webcast was an ideal platform to discuss the findings from Xref’s Recruitment Index Report. We spoke about the importance of understanding the increasingly competitive market for talent, the talent pool and the recruitment industry in order to help make more informed and better hiring decisions.

The webcast included the risks of inefficiencies and inconsistencies in the recruitment process from our recent Quantum Market Research and detailed candidate behaviours and experiences in the recruitment lifecycle. We had a great turnout, with an audience size of over 200 viewers who were equally impressed with the findings that we shared. Their interest was apparent by the questions and comments we received throughout the Webcast.

Xref was honoured for the opportunity to participate in the HRPA's live Webcast. Click here for a full recording.

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