UK Recruiter Social Media and Technology Showcase Round Up.

Posted on 23 Jun 2016 by Ed Allnutt

In the blink of an eye almost a week has passed since the Xref UK team joined UK Recruiter at their social media and technology showcase event held at London’s UCL. Firstly a big thank you to the event organiser Louise Triance for doing such a great job and further thanks to all of those who came by our stand.

One part of the event that we thought worked particularly well is the elevator pitch section. Following the keynote speech each exhibitor was invited to present a short sharp elevator pitch explaining their business. Some struggled with the 2 minute time slot and others chose to live close to the edge with some rather controversial jokes. How Xref performed, you’ll have to ask the attendees. The great thing with this arrangement is that it instantly gave delegates a better indication of which businesses they were keen to talk to in the main exhibiting hall. It also helped to break down some barriers and make everyone that bit more approachable. We'd love to see more event organisers implement this type of idea.

After the keynote and elevator pitches it was straight into the “speed demo” session. Not a problem at all for team Xref, infact it suited us very well. 20 minute slots were signalled by the ringing of a bell that sounded halfway between the end of school break time and the impending arrival of the local  town cryer. Either way, it worked! The stand was constantly busy with numerous businesses keen to learn more about the platform. It turns out that referencing really is a pain point in the sector.

With lunch a distant memory and a rather distracting football match underway the event moved on to the workshops. Again these were all very well ran and extremely informative. A genuinely interesting blend of speakers with plenty of opportunity to contribute.

Looking back I would have to say that although quite small the UK Recruiter social media and technology showcase was by far one of the best events we have attended. It was focussed, relevant and well run. Hats off to Louise and we look forward to their next event.

For more information on the revolutionary Xref referencing platform or to request a demo contact the London office on 0203 510 0433 or via

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