Cloud Is The New Normal: AWS Summit Sydney 2016 Recap

Posted on 29 Apr 2016 by Imran Shahid

If there was one theme to emerge from this year's AWS Summit in Sydney, it would have to be that "Cloud is the new normal". In his keynote talk, AWS VP & Chief Information Security Officer, Stephen Schmidt, said,

"We live in a world where IT transformation is happening on a daily basis, and as a result of this, Cloud has become the new norm."

The AWS Summit was held in Sydney on April 26-28. Like every year this was an exciting event. This was my third AWS Summit in a row, and a first for my team members. Xref also arranged for us to attend the full-day Bootcamp this year to ensure we got as much as we could from summit.

One my main observations was the increased level of cloud adoption. This was reflected in the conversations attendees were having in the Breakout topics. The interest was more focused on DevOps, cost management and monitoring of the production workloads rather than actual cloud adoption as it has been at previous AWS events.

One big thing that I took away from this year's event was AWS Lambda. Lambda was a big part of the keynote with Glenn Gore, AWS head of technology Asia-Pacific, saying that his IoT/Echo demo was Lambda backed and identifying it as a key platform for powering IOT projects. I have a very strong feeling that Lambda is going to be very big in the coming years.

You can watch the keynotes from both days and a lot of other talks on AWS Summit: On Demand.

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