So how does Xref actually work?

Posted on 18 Apr 2016 by Laura Johnson

Let’s start with a quick overview of what Xref actually is -  

Xref is an online workflow tool that automates the candidate referencing process via an easy to use, mobile-ready, fully reportable, cloud-based platform. Xref addresses one of the biggest challenges in the recruitment and onboarding process- the way candidate references are collected. Reference feedback is collected online saving time and money for employers. It also protect companies from breaches in privacy, discrimination and potential reference fraud.

Ok, now we know what we get when we Xref someone lets a look at how it actually works -

Step 1  - Employer requests an Xref by entering the candidate's email address into Xref.

Step 2 - The candidate then gets sent an email asking them to nominate their referees by  entering in their name, relationship to the candidate and email address into Xref.

Step 3 - The referee is sent a questionnaire to provide their feedback with.  This gives the referee total control on when they complete the reference, we find that 44% of references are completed outside business hours. We also find that we receive 60% more data than traditional telephone references and our questionnaires are fully responsive so you can use any device, anywhere to complete the reference feedback.  

Step 4 - The employer is then sent an email letting them know that their candidates reference reports have been received. They also receive a report with a full analysis of references.

So what does all this mean for you….

It means you can reduce valuable time spent chasing reference feedback and include additional compliance to your recruitment method.

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