Xref and Fraud

Posted on 01 Apr 2016 by Laura Bolton

Xref offers businesses many benefits compared to traditional verbal reference checking methods including time saving and increased feedback, however, my personal favourite feature of Xref is our fraud detection technology. It helps protect businesses from potential mis-hires by identifying candidates that try and produce fake references.

As Customer Success Manager here at Xref, there is nothing I love more than helping our clients identify these candidates before they make a job offer. Many people wonder how we do this and a question we get asked time and time again is ‘What is stopping the candidate from creating a fake email account for their referee and answering the reference themselves?’ The fact is, we can’t stop candidate from doing this and we don’t need too, Xref can pick up on whether or or not this has been done and our support team here at Xref are notified.

We see thousands of candidates put through Xref on a weekly basis and to date we have caught a fair few trying to produce fake references through the system. Surprisingly some of these candidates have applied for senior roles! With traditional phone based references, there is no way of knowing who you are really speaking to and the candidate may have given you a phone number of a friend or family member to give them a glowing reference.

So, if you want to add an extra layer of security to your business and avoid fraudulent references, contact us for more information on how Xref can help your business.