Customer Spotlight - Mission Australia

Posted on 26 Feb 2016 by Laura Johnson

David Meere, Recruitment Manager at Mission Australia recently summed up his experience of Xref in the short video below.

Mission Australia aim is to help Australians realise their full potential in their work and communities, through exceptional services, relationships, and innovation.

Mission Australia deal with more than 700 annual hires and have been using Xref to automate the referencing of these candidates since 2014.

Benefits of using Xref: 

  • Over 1200 references taken across over 700 candidates
  • 95% of references requested are returned complete
  • Overall response time from recruiter’s request - 40 hours
  • Referee response time from candidate’s submission - 22.4 hours
  • 32% of Mission’s referees respond outside of recruiter’s hours (8am-6pm)
  • References are averaging nearly 400 words per custom report

More information -

If you want to find out how you business can realise the similar benefits to Mission Australia then get in contact with David Haines at

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