Xref is Sponsoring Disrupt HR - The Rebellious Future of HR

Posted on 29 Nov 2016 by John Dawson

The Xref story is a hot topic of discussion in Canadian HR circles. The recent publicity and feedback that we have received at the TAPVTA and HR Leaders has really fuelled our desire to continue to educate the Canadian market about the benefits of effective HR technology.

As part of this, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of Disrupt HR on Thursday December 1st in Toronto.

What is DisruptHR?

DisruptHR is a night of information exchange designed to inform and empower executives with talks from industry leading professionals who share their ideas on how to improve the talent recruitment processes and bring it up to the technologically advanced standard of other industries.

HR professionals, technologists and community leaders who are knowledgeable in talent, culture and technology are invited to speak about a topic they are passionate about in a quick 5 minute talk.

Xref and the organizers of DisruptHR have one major thing in common - the belief that the way talent has been approached in the past is not the best way to approach it in the future.  

We are so confident that our platform can increase efficiency and provide best talent that we’ve prepared some awesome giveaways for the event. To showcase how the Xref platform can save clients more time and help hire the best candidates, we are offering free trial to DisruptHR’s attendees with a chance to win a 3 months trial!

If you would like to find out how Xref has saved our clients time and help them make the right hire, more often, then please contact us at contact@xref.ca or call the team on +1 647 243 5902.

Click here for more information about DisruptHR.

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