UK Recruiter Technology Showcase Recap

Posted on 02 Nov 2016 by Ed Allnutt

The Xref word of the month is definitely “busy”. October has seen a record level of demand for our referencing services within the UK and the recent UK Recruiter Technology Showcase event was a perfect opportunity to engage with numerous companies in the recruitment sector and introduce them to Xref - the future of employment referencing.

Once again Louise and the team at UK Recruiter did an excellent job of planning, promoting and running the event. With over 100 relevant delegates and circa 20 technology businesses exhibiting it was a great way to find out more about the direction of technology within the recruitment sector.

Exhibitors included some of the industry’s leading CRM offerings, lead generation platforms, business intelligence consultants, social media experts and of course Xref. The now familiar elevator pitches and “speed-demo” sessions were a great way to introduce interested attendees to the technologies being showcased. Add to this the informative workshops and keynote speeches, and you’re left with a thoroughly successful event.

Xref's presence has again been a definite conversation starter amongst HR professionals and this event was no different. The amount of positive feedback that we received was extremely encouraging and we will definitely be one of the first names on the list when the next UK Recruiter event rolls around.

If you missed the event and want to find out more about the future of employment referencing please feel free to contact the London team on 0203 510 0433 or via

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